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Survey: Top ten projects in 2006

Dave » 17 years 33 weeks ago

A CIO Insight (March) supplemental called Innovations surveyed 1,440 information technology managers, nearly half of whom worked for companies with greater than 1,000 people, about the top ten projects in 2006.

Outsourcing was number 2 on the list, with an average of $8.22 million being spent on services for managing the company’s information technology or business process functions. In a similar vein, collaboration was number 5, with an average of $4.26 million spent on software to let people share files and other information. See the article for the full results.

In my opinion, these trends further demonstrate the push companies are making to operate in an increasingly interconnected and indeed globalized world, where the traditional organization must adapt to the realities of the 21st century.