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About Woven

Woven’s mission is to empower people with the tools to work together effectively, regardless of geographical location.

We’re working to leverage innovative technologies and an increasingly connected world to create social and economic opportunities for people from all over the globe. We foster a growing community of contributors spanning a range of related skills and interests, and we actively engage their collective expertise as we work towards our goals.

Woven is headquartered in the heart of New York City, and our global team consists of members in places as diverse as Romania, Denmark, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Check out our projects page for more on what we’re up to.

About our name

We believe that every individual is an exquisite thread in the tapestry of society and of life, and that tremendous potential is unleashed as our lives are increasingly interconnected. We marvel at and learn valuable lessons from the complex and intricate systems of nature. We think “Woven” embodies that and more.