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Team collaboration tools are the sweet spot

Dave » 12 years 51 weeks ago

The May issue of CIO Insight had some interesting information related to team collaboration tools.

When asked where their companies stood with regard to web and collaboration applications, team collaboration tools where on all but 9% of respondents radars — with 47% having already deployed and 45% testing or evaluating a solution.

From the magazine:

What’s driving new-technology adoption? Improving business processes and making better use of information.

[The] strong interest in team collaboration tools suggests these applications lie at the sweet spot where these two business goals converge.

When asked which in a list of web-based applications they personally use, team collaboration tools came in at number 2, with 54% of respondents (CIOs, CTOs, and other executives) saying they use things like shared workspaces and team rooms.

Interestingly, the other web-based applications on the list can also be classified as collaboration tools. Web mapping (the most widely used according to the survey), blogs, RSS, wikis, social networking, podcasts, expertise location and sharing — these are all applications that are components of true team collaboration environments, to be integrated even more deeply as these technologies mature. Hence, one way of looking at the results is that 87% of those in key technology positions do personally use one or more of these collaboration technologies.